Principles for founders

A living note with simple guiding principles for founders.

I'm attempting to summarize first principles and mantras that drive me as a founder — originally shared on Twitter.

These are not meant to be universal, but I think they might be good guiding principles to other founders as well.

Will update this in the future, and possibly expand each point below.

  1. Build for yourself
  2. Think, build, polish, ship, repeat
  3. Sprint, rest, sprint, rest
  4. Leverage your unique knowledge and long time passions
  5. If it feels like work: delegate it, automate it, avoid it
  6. Think years (and decades) ahead
  7. Iterate relentlessly
  8. Make users happier about themselves
  9. Make users signal to others how much happier they are
  10. If 90% of users don’t care about it, nuke it