Why we like MKBHD videos

Exploring some of the reasons we love his videos.

The production quality of Marques Brownlee videos is stellar and Marques has developed through the years an incredible talent for visual storytelling.

But I'd like to get more into some of the specific reasons why I believe we love his videos. I'm a technologist, writer, and storyteller, so these things are often on my mind.

No unnecessary camera movements

Many people might confuse more camera movements as better storytelling, but 99% of the time it's the exact opposite. Think about how intentional David Fincher is with where he places the camera, and if it will move or won't. One emblematic example: in Gone Girl there's a single hand-held shot (can't find it on YouTube, but it's Ben Affleck running from journalist and other people).

Marques does the same, and most of the time if the camera moves, there's a reason.

Color balance

Color is great, and it's a powerful storytelling tool. Just like camera movements though, too much color, or too many colors, can be distracting and overwhelming.

Usually, colors in Marques videos are extremely consistent, and never unnecessarily flashy.

Straight to the point

After a 4 seconds intro, and sometimes a few beautiful shots of the topic of the video, Marques goes straight to the point and doesn't waste any of your time.


I don't know how you feel, but for me watching MKBHD feels like being with a techie friend who genuinely wants to tell me about some tech that is new and exciting.

It doesn't feel like marketing, it doesn't feel like overthinking or bullshit, it genuinely feels like someone saying hey check this out.

We've bombarded daily by content of any kind, and so much of it feels useless or fake that we crave authenticity.

Marques gets it, it doesn't matter how many millions are in his bank account.

Symmetry and composition

Finally, it's worth mentioning how precise, symmetric and pleasing to watch are Marques shots. They almost have a calming effect, and you can feel how intentional he is when placing objects for the camera.

Do you think there are other core reasons we love his videos? Let me know on Twitter.